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    Equine Intimate Health Specialist Training
    Equine Intimate Health Specialist Training
    Equine Intimate Health Specialist Training

    Equine Intimate Health Specialist Training

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    Harris Equine Intimate Health
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    As the sole CPD and UKRS-accredited intimate health training provider on a global scale (accurate as of 2023), we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional educational programs that meet the highest standards of professional development.

    We proudly stand as the premier and exclusive provider of Equine intimate health training, setting the gold standard for excellence that remains unmatched by any other organisation.

    Recognised certification

    CPD accredited - successfully underwent a rigorous content evaluation process

    Inclusive and supportive education environment

    The CPD accreditation serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional and trusted training that meets the stringent criteria set by professional accrediting bodies.


    With over 8 years of industry experience we are Scotland’s leading professional service provider of Sheath cleaning and Intimate mare cleaning for Equines of all types and sizes.

    With clients including top UK Eventing teams, Dressage riders and International horse driving teams we can be trusted with your horse no matter your chosen discipline.


    Creating Industry Standards

    Developing Education & Industry-wide standards

    Working in collaboration with our sister company

    ‘The Equine Intimate Health Federation’, we have created a fully comprehensive training package and support network for industry professionals.

    Upon completion of ‘The Equine Intimate Health Diploma’ you receive FREE membership to the federation for 1 year!


    Why Choose our course?

    Our Equine Intimate Health Course is meticulously designed to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date content:. We've researched the latest advancements, techniques, and best practices to ensure that you receive the most accurate and comprehensive knowledge available.

    The course is created by a seasoned equine intimate health professional. With their wealth of experience and deep understanding of equine intimate health, they provide you with expert guidance, invaluable insights, practical tips, and step-by-step instructions to confidently handle intimate hygiene care from start to finish. Perhaps, most importantly, the course is fully accredited by the CPD group which regulates the content, course material and certification process!

    Fully industry recognised and approved!


    Harris Equine Intimate Health


    Stacy H.

    eh14 7jp edinburgh - United Kingdom (Scotland)


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