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  • Free photo adverts
  • A network of 300,000+ monthly buyers and sellers
  • Paid solutions for better visibility

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    Choose one of our paid solutions and increase your chances to sell rapidly by attracting more clients to your advert.

  • The Money Back guarantee

    All paid adverts have the Money Back Guarantee option. In other words, you take no risk as you can apply for a refund if your good does not get sold or is still in your possession when your advert expires. Alternatively, you can renew your advert for free for the same duration (See conditions)

  • An international presence  

    Equirodi helps you sell around you and abroad. Equirodi attracts buyers from over 120 countries through our local and multilingual versions. The translation of all the fields of your ad is automatic!

  • Run until sold

    Only the result matters. Sell in peace with Equirodi, we publish your advert until it sells (to a maximum of 1 year). Important, this service is only available for paid ads.

  • For each paid advert, £1 is donated to JustWorld !

    Work with Equirodi for a better world
    Equirodi donates £1 to the charity JustWorld International for each paid advert placed. Join popular ambassadors such as Helen McNaught, Kevin Staut, Eric Lamaze, Laura Kraut ... and participate in the financing of humanitarian projects.

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Behind Equirodi there are men and women whose sole mission is to offer the best possible web experience. If you encounter a problem or you want to talk to us, do not hesitate to consult our questions / answers, send us an email or call us at +33 (0)970 468 612.

Questions / Answers on adverts

Do I have to pay to place adverts?

All the Text adverts are free and we intend to leave it this way. Equirodi also offers various forms of paid adverts to meet the specific needs of each seller. These formulas offer far better visibility and functionality and do in most cases sell faster.

I submitted an advert but it is not visible on the site

To provide a quality site adverts are verified before publication. We do not hesitate to remove adverts that do not meet our criteria for release.

How long will my advert be valid for?

Free adverts are broadcast for 90 days. Paid adverts are broadcast until the sale to a maximum of 1 year. Free and paid ads have the opportunity to be renewed at any time.

Can you send me an invoice for my advert?

You may print or download your invoices from the Account section of My account.

How to manage my adverts?

You can manage your ads from the section My Ads My Account.

Increase the effectiveness of your ads

We provide you with practical tips to help you buy and sell better. How about to become acquainted before submitting your ad? Some tips are very useful and often make the difference between a good a bad ad.

  • Write your advert in advance
  • Take quality pictures in different views
  • One or more videos is a definite plus
  • Provide a precise and detailed description
  • Search prices of similar adverts to offer a fair price
  • Specify multiple contact methods (phone, mobile phone, work phone) and check that your email address is correct
  • Avoid using abbreviations and correct mistakes
  • Give a title that engages the reader
  • Choose the best photo for search results
  • Share your advert on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, ...)
  • Print your advert and place it on the show grounds, riding school ...

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