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  • Published on Thursday, July 26, 2018
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The genetic inheritance of a broodmare determines more than 60% of the qualities of his foal. Even fertile, a stallion is not the absolute guarantee of a successful breeding. Before the broodmare is put in foal, it is necessary to check all its maternal strains. Has she ever been in foal? Has she suffered accidents or been over-exploited for its reproductive abilities? Check her pedigree. Here are some key elements that will help you make the best choice.

About the good health of the mare

If you wish to purchase a broodmare, preferably choose a mare that has competed, or has at least been regularly ridden and trained. Like that, the mare will be in good physical shape, she will have been well maintained and will be ready to move on to other experiences. However, a mare that didn’t compete can also be a good choice.  There are no real rules in this regard, except that the broodmare must be healthy before giving birth to a foal. From the 6th month of gestation, which lasts 11 months, the mare should be resting. Knowing that most of the time a mare would foal at night, it is however impossible to predict with precision the moment of foaling..

Evaluating the mare’s potential as a broodmare

As for the health and behaviour, if the broodmare has problems, it is better not to have it in foaled, since it risks transmitting its faults to the foal. Indeed, the mare has a greater influence ancestry on its offspring and the weaknesses of the mother risk to show on the foal. Based on these criteria, it is up to you to judge whether the mare is the right one; not only as a broodmare but also financially. Once the inspection of the mare is carried out, it is up to you to estimate its purchase price, or even negotiate it, knowing all the details. Always keep in mind that a quality foal will require the same budget in care and time than a mediocre foal..

Be careful about the origins of the mare

Buying an expensive broodmare with a full pedigree, with an easy temperament can be a good long-term choice that will save you some unpleasant surprises. It can, with certainty, generate beautiful foals, pure and authentic, which will become good adult horses. If the broodmare has "no passport" or the pedigree is not known, it can still generate a leisure horse that will meet the expectations of a rider who does not necessarily wants to compete. Provided he has a docile temperament. So be very careful, once again, about the origins of the mare. The ones that have good athletic ability and good temperament, promise the best prospects of breeding.

Check the conformation of the filly

Genetically, the reproduction of young mares is not recommended. Indeed, those that are fertilized before maturity require diet and special care, especially during the lactation period and the last three months of gestation. The size, the stature of the bones, a large pelvis and hips, strong hocks for solidity and good steadiness, are signs that the filly will be able to support the mass of her foal in the womb. In the breeding industry, it is common to hear that a mare is "a natural broodmare". Once you have found your broodmare, you will have to choose the right stallion for her.

RODI advises you

  • Don’t choose a mare that is too young and has not been in foal before.
  • Check her physical abilities, conformation and pedigree before you get her in foal.
  • A mare with a good pedigree and progeny will be the best option to breed a sport horse.
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