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  • 6 Months
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Having your horse at home: advantages and disadvantages

After years of owning a horse in a riding stable, you decide to keep your horses at home. Space, shelter, equipment, food, water, are available ... However, have you really thought of everything?

  • 7 Months
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Weekly work schedule for your horse: ideas and tips for a pleasant routine

Do you own one or more of the horses that you ride? Do you have competition goals, or do you simply want to ride regularly, with a logical approach in terms of work?

  • 8 Months
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Bet on the Wrong Horse? The Signs to Look Out For…

Buying a horse is a long-term investment so it is vital to make a good choice. Unfortunately sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of rushing...

  • 9 Months
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How to Successfully Advertise and Sell your Pony

Selling your pony is essentially no different to selling a horse. Ponies are excellent ‘mini-horses’, and serious buyers will be looking to apply the same high standards of selection...

  • 10 Months
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Choosing a livery for your horse or pony

Many of you have had to face the fact of having to move your horses ... Professional transfer, follow-up of partner, travel lust, internship, studies, and probably many other reasons....

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Buy a pony : A mini horse that deserves all your attention

Buying one or several ponies is an exciting experience, however it is important to know before the purchase who this small horse is intended for.