Practical tips: Buying/ Selling of a horse or a pony

Advice on the buying or selling of a horse, saddle, horse box, property, pony...

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Buy a driving horse

The purchase of a driving horse can be tricky as it will be ridden as well as used to draw a carriage, work at the three paces and must therefore be docile.

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To buy a horse … without any stress!

In a moment of excitement, in a rush and sometimes under the pressure of someone else, the fact of buying a horse can be a stressful and negative experience.

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Buy an allrounder horse

An "All-Rounder" is a horse capable of doing several disciplines, versatile, flexible and open-minded, compliant, curious, who is not afraid of anything and is not reluctant to work...

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Bet on the Wrong Horse? The Signs to Look Out For…

Buying a horse is a long-term investment so it is vital to make a good choice. Unfortunately sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of rushing...

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Browse, compare, find and buy the best second-hand riding equipment

Via the internet, it is always the season to do the best business and find a wide variety of used equipment, from private individual to private individual.

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Small lorry or second-hand horsebox: Know how to choose the right lorry for transporting your horses

When you have to transport your horses, you will come across a large choice of vehicles: horseboxes, small lorries (Light vehicle), large lorry (HGV) …

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How to Successfully Advertise and Sell your Pony

Selling your pony is essentially no different to selling a horse. Ponies are excellent ‘mini-horses’, and serious buyers will be looking to apply the same high standards of selection...

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Getting Your Trailer Ready to Sell – Top Tips for a Successful Sale

Selling your trailer requires a particularly precise advert, as if you were selling a car. Everything must be included; the make; model; year; bodywork...