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Bet on the Wrong Horse? The Signs to Look Out For…

Buying a horse is a long-term investment so it is vital to make a good choice. Unfortunately sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of rushing...

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Browse, compare, find and buy the best second-hand riding equipment

Via the internet, it is always the season to do the best business and find a wide variety of used equipment, from private individual to private individual.

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Small lorry or second-hand horsebox: Know how to choose the right lorry for transporting your horses

When you have to transport your horses, you will come across a large choice of vehicles: horseboxes, small lorries (Light vehicle), large lorry (HGV) …

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How to Successfully Advertise and Sell your Pony

Selling your pony is essentially no different to selling a horse. Ponies are excellent ‘mini-horses’, and serious buyers will be looking to apply the same high standards of selection...

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Getting Your Trailer Ready to Sell – Top Tips for a Successful Sale

Selling your trailer requires a particularly precise advert, as if you were selling a car. Everything must be included; the make; model; year; bodywork...

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Choosing a livery for your horse or pony

Many of you have had to face the fact of having to move your horses ... Professional transfer, follow-up of partner, travel lust, internship, studies, and probably many other reasons....

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Preparing to sell your horse: A tale of trust and full disclosure

You have decided to take the plunge and sell your horse. From there on and very quickly, get ready to receive inquiries even if your ad is completely filled in. You will have to manage the flow of requests while...

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Selling an equestrian property: write a relevant and effective advertisement!

At the time of sale, a well-written advertisement will serve both parties. It will allow the buyer to quickly identify the property he is looking for and the seller to find a serious buyer without losing any time...