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Getting Your Trailer Ready to Sell – Top Tips for a Successful Sale

Selling your trailer requires a particularly precise advert, as if you were selling a car. Everything must be included; the make; model; year; bodywork...

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Choosing a livery for your horse or pony

Many of you have had to face the fact of having to move your horses ... Professional transfer, follow-up of partner, travel lust, internship, studies, and probably many other reasons....

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Preparing to sell your horse: A tale of trust and full disclosure

You have decided to take the plunge and sell your horse. From there on and very quickly, get ready to receive inquiries even if your ad is completely filled in. You will have to manage the flow of requests while...

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Selling an equestrian property: write a relevant and effective advertisement!

At the time of sale, a well-written advertisement will serve both parties. It will allow the buyer to quickly identify the property he is looking for and the seller to find a serious buyer without losing any time...

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Buy a pony : A mini horse that deserves all your attention

Buying one or several ponies is an exciting experience, however it is important to know before the purchase who this small horse is intended for.

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Buy a show-jumping horse without making any mistake

Show-jumping is one of the equestrian disciplines requiring the most precision. A horse intended for this type of exercise must therefore be studied in its entirety to identify its technical and physical abilities...

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Buy a horse: the maintenance fee to plan before doing it

To own a horse is one thing. To look after him, with all the costs involved – on the very long term – is another...

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Saddle Up! How to Buy a Second-Hand Saddle Without Making a Mistake

There are hundreds of second-hand saddles for sale on the internet and the saddle is the most important accessory for any rider. So how do you find the right one?